Jaxom / 3 days, 2 hours ago / Mask Theme

I would like to come to the Mask event today, but don’t have a mask. Are ones available for purchase? Thanks in advance.

westcoastlaxer / 1 week, 3 days ago / October events

Does anyone know if anything is going on in October? Planning on being in Berlin. Any scat parties coming up??

ffuncut / 1 week, 4 days ago / Fausthouse

For how many hours FAUSTHOUSE party lasts? Is it only 2 hours? As it´s written from 10-12pm? Thankx!

hoary / 2 weeks, 3 days ago / "at least a scat corner during pissparty"

On one of the latest pisspartys there were two people doing and some others watched intently.

bradan1 / 2 weeks, 6 days ago / Scat Party Herbst 2019

Wann wird der nächste Scat Party? /wegen Hotel und Flug/?!

tonio / 2 weeks, 6 days ago / scatscatscat

Hello! I'm a total scat pig. The scat parties seem to be a little far between, at least from the website :( Is there at least some scat going on during the piss parties?

perstsex / on 18/7/19 / Piss

Hi, I love pissing - unfortunately I´ll be in Lab next Friday - it is not piss party, but I hope I´ll be pissed a lot :)

Homoerectus / on 13/7/19 / Scat

Do you know when will be the next scat party?

s3xtreem / on 13/7/19 / Next SCAT party - dates pleeaaasseeee :)

I am such a fan of your scat parties. WOuld be great if you can please post the date of the next party, so for us who need to travel far we have some time to book our travel in advance. THANKS!

freud / on 30/6/19 / leatherparty today...

trotz hitze überlege ich mir mal ob ich in die leatherparty gehe. hat jemand erfahrungen? was für ein publikum ist zu erwarten? wird's voll werden?

leoberlin / on 18/5/19 / Mud party tonight

Hi there...
Anyone could tell me what is the Mud Party about?
any particular suggestions, dress codes? thanks!!!

steffenaushh / on 17/5/19 / Einfach geil

Der gestrige Abend war wieder einfach geil.
Ich war fast 4 Stunden da und hat eine Menge Spaß gemacht.
Es ist echt unkomplziert und eine schöne Mischung.


Was ist der Unterschied zwischen der Mud Party und der After Party? Muss man am Sonntag durch den Scat vom Vorabend waten?

steffenaushh / on 6/5/19 /

Plane am 16.ß5. mal wieder zur naked party reinzuschauen.
Hoffe ist wieder genauso geil wie vor ein paar Monaten

Bisubguy / on 3/5/19 / Yellow Facts

Is there a clothes check on the Yellow Facts night?
Do you need to bring a change of clothes or shoes or anything?

magerquark / on 1/5/19 / that was hot

... obwohl deutsch, haben wir beide englisch gesprochen... zwischendurch.
Das war sehr geil, allerdings wurden wir dann vor Vollendung leider aus dem Club gefegt.
Melde Dich gerne für eine Wiederholung.

Günter / on 1/5/19 / Mask party

Wie ist der Dresscode.... ? Total nackt oder Jockey Straps ?

Pissboys / on 29/4/19 / Pissen 4 may

I will go to the pissparty. wil you pis with me???
I am 175/74 kg/piercings/tattoos/ versa/no taboes/ like pissing and been pissed. lots of floud. fucking/sucking/cockring/poppers lots. gangbang every thing

JamesCuh / on 28/4/19 / Greetings. Just a test

Nowadays it is so difficult to remain adequate.
So I want to ask, dear, how long will we endure all this.
Never such a thing and here again.

waw2300 / on 9/4/19 / SNAX CLUB dress code

can anyone tell me if there is any strict dress code for the SNAX CLUB party? is sports gear ok?