boy19 / 3 weeks, 3 days ago / party's between 21-28 December

hi im coming to Berlin in December and i notice that theirs no party's between 21-28 it can be?

michelsun / 3 weeks, 4 days ago / lost my cap

hey guys,

i lost my cap. it a white one with a yellow/red label on the front. on the shield is a web adress:

this little piece really means a lot to me. so please let me know if you found it anywhere at snax one week ago


skumsukker / on 5/11/17 / Scat party dates 2018?

Am planning my travels from Australia for 2018 and want to attend one or both of the scat parties. Does anyone know of their likely dates?

Subire / on 30/10/17 / Leather Party on 30 Oct

Am new to club .... do you provide condoms? how money will the night cost me approx? can you buy E from club?

Gym237 / on 21/10/17 / 18.11.2017

what about Saturday 18.11?
No information ((

steffenaushh / on 8/10/17 /

Hi, ich habe immer mal im Netz über das lab gelesen und habe den Donnerstag Ende September die naked party mitgemacht.
Ich war völlig begeistert, dass da von 20-55 jahre alles vertreten war.
Am Eingang schon nett empfangen und schöne Möglichkeiten nach Lust und Laune alles zu probieren. Bei der Vielzahl der Männer waren einige nach meinem Geschmack;-) und willig.
Ich habe mich geil wohl gefühlt.
Ich komme wieder!

DanteDanze / on 6/10/17 / Entry after midnight

Hey there,

It is possible to get in there after midnight for Our flight has been cancelled and we won't make it before midnight.

Thanks a lot.


hairyhard / on 24/9/17 /

HALLO boys , i will wisit there on december. İ am vers 188 83 and age 29 ,18 cm.Do you know any hotel for i stay ?. thanyou :)

kgk1 / on 13/9/17 / scat party

Could someone please explain how scat party is look like? Many guys? Any 20-40 or only 40-50+? A lot of action/. Just smearing or eating too? And is there posibility to wash after? do i need a towel?

Seb_UK_99 / on 7/9/17 / Friday Fuck - Dress Code !?

Hay Up - know it says no dress code - just wondered what people wore much fetish or is more pants and jocks !?

Bottom&Brazilian4Tops / on 7/9/17 / Bottom Brazilian For Tops

This horny Brazilian will be in town from 14th till 18th September and looking for fun and much more. I am 38yrs,173cm,66kgs,19cm,100%bottom,willing and more

spanish / on 5/9/17 / visiting Berlin 6-8 October.

hi guys! I was wondering if the club is going to be open in October, because I only see 1 party 14th... the monthly program will appear soon? is going to be closed?

thank you in advance!

wetrubberfucker / on 29/8/17 / Legendary Lab

There are certain clubs that get iconic - legendary even - reputations. Lab is one of those spaces. Along with Heaven and Backstreet in London, Studio 54, the Saint and the Mineshaft in New York, you will want to be able to say you went.

gman2017 / on 29/8/17 / Visiting Berlin 2-4 Dec

Looking for a master to take command and show me around.

leruman / on 29/8/17 / Oct calendar

Hi guys,

any chance for dates in October (and the rest of the year)? I need to plan my trips in advance.

INTOREALGUY / on 24/8/17 / 25-27 august in Berlin - alone in hotel room - ready for sex

Hot sex
I am 190 90 18cm x 6cm
TOP boy
into hard sex and group

subarabdirty / on 20/8/17 / slave dirty piss drink

i looking for master hard use me ,spank my ass,piss in my hole and mouth,fuck me hard


In berlin on Thursday 17/Friday 18/ leaving on saturday 19
Hotel room to share

kebramar / on 8/8/17 / kebramar

Hi I do like to go visiting Berlin, and your Club, looking to go end off August. do you now a nice hotel for staying, no far to the club? Thanks

infimum / on 2/8/17 / hotel room mate

looking for horny pig from 17.8. to 19.8 who would share a hotel room wth me to spread the costs. and fuck of course