ArgBottom_piss / 3 weeks, 6 days ago / golden shower

berlin zwischen 28/09 bis 05/10, passive passiv argentinischen mit dem bestreben, eine dominante asset zu finden, die gerne ihren ganzen urin gibt. schreibe!

slurper / on 6/9/18 / transmen

I'm a trans man (FTM) who still has a pussy but has been on testosterone for many years and I was wondering how welcoming people are?

ActGran / on 2/9/18 / Its closse in october 2018?

I will go 12-22 october and I don't look any date for this month…
It's close?

Ashke / on 29/8/18 / October

I will be in Berlin in for the weekend 11-14 October. I've noticed that there are not ANY dates in Lab-oratory calendar. Does it mean the club is close in October? It would be very pity...

andrewff45 / on 18/8/18 / Perverz man 45/70/188

At the beginning of October I spend some days in Berlin I want to enjoy a lot of sex I like ff, ws, and perverted games

GrindMe / on 31/7/18 / Heading to Berlin Mid-September

Couple heading to Berlin September 14 - 19. Looking to hookup with as many men as possible. One loves to play, the other loves to watch. If interested in getting

slut2018 / on 30/7/18 / looking for bb pigs

hey I am from Oman and visit Berlin .looking for piss bath,Drink piss,Drink Sperma,get bareback fuck and to group.but only white active men age 40-70 large tools i love.I am passive and sisy.I PIGS WITH STUFF will be nice.pls email me
write me ur whats number.i will contact you.

joy / on 20/7/18 / Is it very difficult to enter the club for Indians?

Hello guys, I will be travelling to Berlin in August. Is it difficult to enter this club for Indians?

ns_er / on 19/7/18 / Yellow Facts 07.07.2018: Junger Boy mit Maske und Jeansshorts

Du, ein junger, schlanker, rasierter und zierlicher und zärtlicher Boy mit Vogel(?)maske und abgeschnittenen Jeans und Knackpo hast mir viel Spaß gemacht. Auch am Gynstuhl. Gerne würde ich Dich wieder treffen, gerne öfters. Ziehe auch gerne meinen Cockring aus und wir haben das nächste Mal noch mehr Spaß.
Ich groß, schlank, rasiert, sehr viel Älter, wenn Du Dich erinnerst.

officecunt / on 17/7/18 / OFFICE SLUT MEETS WORKING DICKS" ON 22ND JULY

Hello, the dress code is formal, so I wondered if I can go without a full suit, just with a blazer and a tie ?

emanuele / on 11/7/18 / Fisting

Hi guys
when it's the best day for find a good fister and fistee???
I never been in this club....i'm from milan

SCATBOY1 / on 30/6/18 / there is New date for scat party on October? plaese publish it

there is New date for scat party on October? plaese publish it
a lot of guys looking foeward to plan flights+hotel

rod_hesse / on 22/6/18 / OFFICE SLUT MEETS WORKING DICKS" on 22nd July

I have a question about the party "OFFICE SLUT MEETS WORKING DICKS" on 22nd July.
Can I go with Dress Shirt & Tie, without Suit? How strict is the dress code?

blasgeilberlin / on 21/6/18 / PISS PARTY

hi was zieht man am besten zu einer Yello Facts Party an ??
bin devot und nehme gern NS auf !!

libarius / on 20/6/18 / Laboratory - GUMMI

It will be my first visit at GUMMI. Is it ok to wear neoprene-harness and neoprene-jock? I hope, that someone can tell me something about the dresscode-policy especially at the GUMMI. THANKS!!

MiroSmoker / on 18/6/18 / Someone for sexfriendship?

Hallo, Im sex slave man, who is looking for couple of man for making bukkake, deepthroat, (can be piss and gangbang too, but im not too experienced) sex action in club with me... (I can be yours for whole night..;)
Is there someone with whom to arrange it..?
Im looking for domin/actove man, who will be my "Master" for group action in LabOratory.

Write mi on my email please...

Holden / on 11/6/18 / NEXT SNAX DATE?

Hallo, does someone knows when is the next SNAX party going to be?

I know is usually in November but does anyone has an idea of which date/weekend approximately?


Drag0n / on 10/6/18 / NOVIEMBRE 2018


maxtheslut / on 31/5/18 / greatest place in Europe

hello hot macho top guys
i come often to Berlin for one main reaso which is to go to lab-oratory coz it is the only place where i get the summum of my pleasure and the only place where a macho drives me to let tops fuck me and piss on me i love that place and if you like to be the next master to share me let me know i will be in Berlin for the fickstutenmark . so both use heehe
discretely send me a message at : i am Max or here
thanks hot guys.P.S: i am viril bearded hairy and a real whore-slut in sex.

slut4cumandpiss / on 29/5/18 / Such a great time, I'm coming again 31 May to 3 Jun!

Loved going to fickstutenmarket and then Lab Yellow Facts in May, so I'm coming back for more. Staying at Axel - PLEASE DISTURB ME!!! Thursday to Sunday. Submissive, prefer raw from clean cocks, as I want to suck every drop down after you've fucked my ass. Make me your party whore and slut slave!