steffenaushh / on 29/2/20 / Lust

Bin am 18.06. zur naked party. Freue mich schon wieder darauf.

kezzy / on 19/2/20 / CumDump Kevin Stamco

Will be in berlin March 19th until April 5th ,,would like to be used as a cumdump for the time,,
will get in the sling when i get here - fist punchfuck ,, total mancunt for long term use.
1 416 312 2580 Toronto Canada ,,
Kevin Stamco

ffanis / on 9/2/20 / I like FF

Fisten gehört zum Sex a/p

besucherlab39 / on 26/1/20 / LAB.DANCE 2-4-1 / DANCE UP YOUR WEEKEND

Was hat das auf sich was ist da so los ? kann man da auch nackt rum laufen ?

hoary / on 4/1/20 / filthy farm

what can you expect ? which dress code is appropriate?

toptoptop / on 5/12/19 / New Year's

What's the deal with new year's party? What hours is it and do I need to pass the usual berghain door?

Anj / on 4/12/19 / USA Berlin | Travel Buddy

Planning trip in April, looking for a travel buddy from San Francisco Bay Area to Berlin for event at Lab. Share hotel room/expense or not. Fly and explore.

james / on 17/11/19 / next mud party

Dear Lab! Can you announce the next Mudparty soon, to get cheap flight ticket. Your mudevents are amazing!

ravishingbottom / on 8/11/19 / How Much is the Entry Fee?

I would like to come today (08-11-19) , I am a slutty bottom age 26, How i have to buy tickets?
and i heard for below 26 aged guys there is no entry fee , is it correct ?

Jartan / on 7/11/19 / Mask party

It’s going to be my 1st time at Lab and I wanted to go to mask part. Can someone let me know if it’s naked party but with mask? What’s the dresscode?

hoary / on 7/11/19 / receiving scat

Hi Antonio, In the past i received piss at naked party an I received scat at pissparty. and also at mudparty
It depends on the special need. Go to the toiletroom, sit down and wait for the man.

AandPslut / on 28/10/19 / Fausthouse and yellowfacts

Just booked my flight and hotel for fausthouse and yellowfacts weekend 16th and 17th November. Both on same weekenSee you all there.d is perfect for me and others. I cant wait. Counting the days before i arrive. See you all there.

wetandready / on 27/10/19 / Visiting Berlin for a Night

I am visiting Berlin for the night and see there is an event on today involving masks.

I am curious to know

1.Are females allowed in this club?

2. Is there a dress code/am I to look a certain way to be allowed in? I am chubby and visiting for a day, just have a sweater, some shorts, and leggings.

steffenaushh / on 26/10/19 / horny

I love the naked party too. everything uncomplicated nothing needs ... everything can. had horny experience

Ralff / on 25/10/19 / Sex

I arrive on 11/07/19. to Berlin. I'm from Belarus. Never been in such places. I really want to try group sex with black, swarthy men. I am 45 years old, slim, passive. Tell me how to organize this. Email

PolnischeSchlampe / on 22/10/19 / first time....

Hi there: a poz, Polish, skinny, smoove, submissive pig visiting Berlin for the first time: stargin from Friday party in Laboratory... Wanna have good memories and be used as a total pig-slave to come back for more as much as I can, wana go back home with pussy wrecked into a horse-cunt, serve as an urinal, cumhole etc... I don't mind any athnicity and age as long as the Top is sleazy and doesn't take no for an answer. I will wear red basebal cap with a bear-claw sign on it, black adidas shoes, jockstraps and will have yollow collar with me for some of you to put it on, jlube and stuff for fun in a poach!

ebruno / on 31/8/19 / LAB is wonderful.

just as a follow up to last post! I've been to naked sex party , Friday fuck night and most amazing of all the SCAT night.(first time ever) which was intimate, passionate and beautiful and at times crazy (in a nice way) . i love LAB, i love Berlin; i love the bouncers and can only admire German tolerance, non- judgmental, experimental approach to SEX. I've never had any bother on admission. So can only thoroughly recommend it and look forward to returning to the SCAT party.

ebruno / on 31/8/19 / filthy farm/ peasant barn action

ii've been to the scat night. wondering what this event entails ....would it be similar????

jimmy / on 31/8/19 / october

is this place open in october? the schedule should be updated

AandPslut / on 29/8/19 / Oct/Nov?

Why is there no calendar for October and november. Im trying to plan coming to Berlin for a weekend and of course to magnificent Lab.
No reply to above yet? Is it open or closed?