sleazeguy / on 9/1/17 / Mask 19th Feb

Evening guys! Just a quick question visiting Berlin 19th Feb and wondered if anyone had an idea what the mask event is? Am thinking you wear nothing but a face mask of sorts any ideas anyone? And do you bring your own?

elpony / on 6/1/17 / what happened to the other events?

like scat nights or mud or slime... do they still happen from time to time? they're not listed anymore :(
oh, and another question: who made the illustrations for the themed parties? is it possible to contact him/her anywhere? thanks!

uroman / on 27/12/16 / Sylvester

I will fly to BLN just to join the xxxparty, but tickets are sold out already. Will you let me buy mine at the entrance of Lab anyway? Vielen Danke.

Msclar_btm / on 20/12/16 / Happy birthday LAB!

Hey guys,

this year I accidentl went to LAB when there was it's birthday held.

When will they celebrate it next Marc? I wanna go again, it was HOT! Zhanx in advance!

bearcub85 / on 19/12/16 / To user TIMLONDON

XXX Party means that the floors will be connected like during Snax. However, the whole place is open for all genders then. From what I've heard, not many women go to the lab.oratory floor, so the atmosphere still stays pretty gay. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong.)

s3xtreem / on 18/12/16 / Would be great if the next scat party date can be shared already

Especially for the international crowd of the best scat party on this planet, it would be great to have some lead time to know when the next one is, so we can make our travel arrangements as early as possible...

Any chance any of the organizers can share the next date already?

Keep up the fantastic work!!!

leatherexcitement / on 14/12/16 / Berghain new year's tickets?

Hi Dear Lab workers and lovers, is it possible to buy Berghain (including Lab) tickets for 1st of January/ new year's night (from 1 am on)? In the regular entrance times? Or does somebody have a ticket left or would sell one?

james / on 1/12/16 / Mudparty

Dear Lab! Do you have a mudparty on your plan for the next month? Please inform us !

lovegroupsex / on 22/11/16 / What to Expect at Lab

There is no dress code on Friday nights. But it's very busy because whatever you order they will give you a second one for free. The last time I was there the entry cost was 6 euros which includes clothes check. You're given a big plastic bag when you arrive to put all your clothes in. You'll also get a laminated plastic number and they'll write that number on your shoulder when you check your clothes. Keep the laminated card in your sock. When you buy a drink they'll enter your number (now on your shoulder) into the computer. You don't need to carry cash so you can leave it in your clothes. When you leave, they'll give you your clothes bag. Get dressed and take your plastic card number to the bar and pay your bar bill. When you leave you have to show your receipt from the bar AND your laminated plastic number in order to get out. Thursdays are lots of fun. Lots of naked sexy guys everywhere fucking and sucking. Word of advice for getting in - don't wear cologne of any kind and don't make a fuss in line (like talking English or acting up). They have been known to refuse some people but keep quiet going in and you'll be fine. If you're in a group it's best to go in separately since they sometimes frown on groups of guys who may not want to mix well with others once inside.

EKSIN / on 22/11/16 /

This weekend I will stay Berlin and plan Friday come to LAB.
Are there lockers can store clothes and stuff and whether people are naked in the bar or can allowed to put on underwear?and guest need to pay the entrance fee then allow come in. comment show that sometimes some people are not allowed into the bar by entrance securities, at that Friday what we should prepare before except no dress requirement during that time. thanks

Kalel / on 20/11/16 / Ich bin am 27 nov in lab oratory yellow party

besuchen sie meine romeo kalel-versa von die niederlande , bis bald

AndreasBerlin / on 4/11/16 / Rudolph

Hallo Rudolph wir haben uns am Donnerstag den 03.11.2016 im Lab. kennengelernt und auch die Telefonnr. aufgeschrieben als ich jedoch zu hause war habe ich Festgestellt das jeder von uns seinen eigenen Zettel mitgenommen hat. Nun hoffe ich das Du das hier im Forum lesen wirst und Dich nun doch bei mir melden kannst. Meine Email: Hoffe bis bald Andreas

sub-88 / on 1/11/16 / Ich bin geil sau

Hi there, I looking for men hunk horny for Fetisch and piss .
my name profiel is Romeo sub-88.

TimLondon / on 27/10/16 / NYE - New Years Eve

Does anyone know what XXX Dancefloor means on this website? Will Laboratory be connected to Berghain that night as it is for SNAXX parties? And will NYE party be a gay party? It's not clear on the website.
Tim London

Hotrider7 / on 26/10/16 / Berlin firsttimer

We are visiting Berlin 3 nov for 5 days fun, any tips for us two horny guys, 45 and 63, hotrider7 and sexboy-71 on planetromeo.

MichaHamburg / on 26/10/16 / FC Snax United, 5 November, white socks and feet

Hallo socks- and feetgays,

habe am 5. November vor nach Berlin zu kommen und hab Bock auf geile Action mit athletischen Typen, die auch auf sox und feet stehen.
Wer auch dabei ist, kann sich gern melden bei gayromeo unter Feet-Gruppe-Hamburg.
Geile Grüße

Meine states :
sportlich, schlank

riderforhorse / on 18/10/16 /

HAllO, kann mir jemand Auskunft geben, was für maske, oder wie dort die post abgeht, suche geile master.. meldet euch doch

riderforhorse / on 18/10/16 / Hallo mask night

kann mir jemand Auskunft geben, was für marke, oder wie dort die post abgeht, suche geile master!

sexxy_boy_85 / on 4/10/16 / new comer

Hi guys,
Ill be in Berlin from 17th of november until 20th can i reach this laboratory and do i have to book a place?or how is working..thx a lot

Benny / on 1/10/16 / Mask Party am 29.10.16

Hey Jungs, mein Freund und ich kommen am Samstag, 29.10.16 ins berüchtigte Lab.Oratory zur Mask Party! Bevor ich mit irgend einer blöden Faschingsmaske reingestürmt komme wäre meine Frage ob ihr Tipps zu dem Abend habt? Welche Masken werden getragen, kann man auch eine Augenmaske alá Robin (von Batman) tragen und sonst nichts? :-D

Bin neugierig :) schreibt mir: