davidboytoy666 / on 16/7/17 / boy toy for extreme cbt

hello all just been in germany at july 28 for 2 weecks and like share my fucking balls cock to nasty pervert masters love pain on so much since punching beat balls cock to electro stim and much more also open to been fucked both ways

Kip / on 15/7/17 / neoprene okay for gummi night?

Is neoprene (neopren) good for gummi night?



SportsguyBerlin / on 13/7/17 / MUD PARTY / 29 JUL


was zieht man am besten zur MUD PARTY an? Ist nackt erlaubt? Sind Gummistiefel sinnvoll? Hab keine Vorstellung was genau abgeht. Vielleicht kann einer paar Infos geben...


bookashade / on 8/7/17 / CSD klubnacht berghain saterday july 22

Hi , im visiting berlin and im really curious what to expect from:
Berghains CSD clubnacht party ... any experiences? Is it a little crazy!?

Best regards booka

George / on 5/7/17 / Poppers

Am I allowed to bring Poppers to the club?

transStef / on 4/7/17 / Trans in lab

Hi! like the German poster below I would like to know are transgender/transvestite welcome at lab? at which events? would love to attend piss party or scat party.
love stefanie

GGi8duma / on 2/7/17 / revolting party

hey guys. i really enjoyed the revolting party given the fact that it was open for all, guys and girls. what do you think about having a party like that once a month in lab. i think that would be really great as i know alot of straight guys who enjoyed that night, also experimenting around :)
and as much as i appreciate the LAB as a gay haven for sexual pleasures in a more and more heteronormative society, i think it would be a nice addition to the LAB program. other than that, keep up the good work, i hope LAB stays with us for a long time coming.

trans2017 / on 26/6/17 / Bester Tag für Trans?

Hi, darf man als transe zu euch kommen? Und wann wäre der beste Tag dafür?



Jetzt online: http://lab-oratory.de/dates/

wetjan / on 9/6/17 / lab im August

hallo, was ist los im august? sehe noch keine einträge. oder ist im august zu? sommerferien?

bihp_2000 / on 6/6/17 / Still no Dates?

Still no Dates for the upcoming months?

mete56 / on 4/6/17 / lab oratory is only for men gays no for girls

i would like to visit the club is it only for males and gays no girls ?

karstendus / on 1/6/17 / Mud Party

das Motto klingt ja verlockend , aber genau weiß ich noch nicht was da so abgeht ;-)
kann mir da mal einer weiterhelfen ?

Sun / on 21/5/17 / Mask Party

Hi, Is this possible to buy mask at lab.oratory for mask party?

popperpisslover / on 19/5/17 / Piss at Lab

Thursday 25th May, should have been the afternoon piss party beer bust. Hoping we can make the Thursday night an unofficial piss party for all of us who booked flights....

niken / on 18/5/17 / Sexy Girls- Do you like clubbing wear?

I do, but what about you?

Advanced Search at http://www.dear-fashion.com/Wholesale-Sexy-Clubwear/

Mattie / on 13/5/17 / Mask dresscode?

Planning to go next Sunday. Does the venue provide the masks or do you need to bring your own?

boyita / on 29/4/17 / Folsom 2017

Ich bitte, wenn September geschlossen oder geöffnet ist? Danke

popperpisslover / on 26/4/17 / Thursday 4th - Saturday 6th May

Deep huffing and lots of piss. Will be in the pissoir or between the urinals.
Any other deep huffers?

bearcub85 / on 25/4/17 / Reply to ALONI69

Regarding lab dance dress code: it's the same as on a regular Friday fuck 2-4-1, so no special dresscode. Nobody checks what you're wearing, but most people are wearing a jockstrap and little else. It's so hot inside anyway that wearing more clothes isn't advisable, and of course it also creates a more special mood.