PigFucker / on 22/2/18 / Glory holes- by popular demand

Last went there, in January, I didn't find glory holes corridor. I hope new glory holes will be placed in the club asap. They were one of the most exciting point of the club.

rubbersubpaul / on 19/2/18 / Gummi Nights

Are Gummi nights on the same dates each month?

I want to plan a visit to Berlin during the summer - probably June and don't want to book the wrong weekend. Does anyone know when the Gummi dates will be?

HaWe1957 / on 18/2/18 / werde nächsten Sonntag zum ersten Mal da sein

Bin schon ganz gespannt. Hoffentlich darf ich rein ...

lukadan / on 17/2/18 / Sneaksoxx

Was ist die Dresscode fur Sneaksoxx?

AndalucianSucker / on 5/2/18 / Snax Party

Hello i would like to know if this year you will sell pre sale tickets?

Lokela / on 3/2/18 / Glory holes

hey, was ist denn mit den geilen glory-holes passiert.

Werdet ihr diese geilen Samenspender-löcher wieder aufbauen?


Gloryhole / on 28/1/18 / GloryHole

what happend to the GloryHole? Did you build it again?

tomzefis / on 25/1/18 / Yellow Facts

Hello, Im from the US and I want to book a flight to Berlin to attend the Yellow Facts party in April. it happens at the first Saturday and last Sunday of the month right?
in 2016 I went to berlin in september but they changed the Yellow Facts date last time so I could not go the party

raunch_slave / on 24/1/18 / In Berlin 15-24 Feb - Slave / Room share?

Hi, am a good looking slave boy, who speaks German, visiting Berlin 15-24 Feb. Anybody have a place for a toilet who will perform duties in exchange for a cage or matters to sleep on?

markusbbl / on 21/1/18 / MASK PARTY

Hi! Do you need to bring a mask or you can buy/rent it at lab? And when does the party end?

fartluvva / on 20/1/18 / Scat Parties

Are any Scat party dates coming soon?

oral-berlin / on 14/1/18 / gloryholes

what happened to the gloryholes? the best melking point in Berlin!
is there a comeback? new plans?

Sexyboy1996 / on 13/1/18 / Lab. Oratory

Shit club. Fucking waste of time. Extremely aggressive bouncers and very rude staff. We got thrown out by the bouncer because we made out wiith a guy in line. Very homophobic club. Don’t visit

Rami / on 29/12/17 /

Hi Guys, soon I will be in Berlin for fun.....Sure I will visit Lab for some hot actions....
See you there.....

group_boy / on 22/12/17 / nead a sex friend

hi, i nead a good sex friend from berlin

group_boy / on 22/12/17 / firs sauna meeting

hi. im young boy from Latvia. Will wisit this sauna for first time.
who wants be my friend and show me around ?
nead place where to stay

Drdr38 / on 18/12/17 / Late December parties

I see Lab is closed for about 2 weeks in December. Is it open as usual in January?

boy19 / on 18/11/17 / party's between 21-28 December

hi im coming to Berlin in December and i notice that theirs no party's between 21-28 it can be?

michelsun / on 17/11/17 / lost my cap

hey guys,

i lost my cap. it a white one with a yellow/red label on the front. on the shield is a web adress: http://www.c-k-b.eu

this little piece really means a lot to me. so please let me know if you found it anywhere at snax one week ago


skumsukker / on 5/11/17 / Scat party dates 2018?

Am planning my travels from Australia for 2018 and want to attend one or both of the scat parties. Does anyone know of their likely dates?